5W Solar Home Lighting System

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Model Name GVP/MHL/5W
Solar Module 5W With 5 Meters of Wire
Peak Power Output (W) 5W
Solar Module Efficiency 14%
Tolerance 0~3%
Rated Power of Luminary 2 Watt with 3 Meter wire
Battery Capacity 4.5Ah
Battery Type Lead Acid Battery
Input Voltage 11 to 13.5 Volts DC
AC-DC Adaptor 230V AC-13.5VDC, 0.7A DC
Battery Deep discharge cut off 11.2 V + / – 0.2 V
Input operating Voltage 12V DC Nominal
Packaging Corrugated Box with Thermocol
Size (H X W X B )cm (41 X 18.7 X 54)
Weight 8 KG